Drawing challenge

I found out in the past couple of weeks that I have been torturing my creative side with my perfectionism. I don’t know when I stopped sketching just for the fun of it and instead focus on the prettiness of the outcome but I want to start sketching just to sketch, communicate and enjoy! I have a tendency to stick to challenges, so I decided to go for one – a little drawing challenge. I have found different versions on different websites; I plan to start with the 15 day challenge (not to scare myself off), continue with 30 days challenge if I feel fine and try out the 30 days of lists challenge. Or I may create a list of my own, haven’t decided on that yet ;)

The mini goal for the first day is to write/draw “Draw something today even if it sucks” on my sketchpad and write down the challenge list.

Even though blogging about it gives me the chills, I am doing it! I am even reaching my hand to all of you people who consider giving it a try, “Come on, we can do it!” (This requires willpower since the risk of you completing the challenge and me not -aka me feeling like shit- is presented to me when I invite you, but this is another strech zone for me, so yay for more challenges! :)) Happy draw time!

Note: If you decide to take on the challenge I would love for you to let me know.


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