Google it!

google itWhen google first started to offer specialized content according to location I was annoyed. I just wanted to be able to search the way I did before, not worrying if I was seeing something different in Sweden or in Turkey. As for all technology, I got used to it and accepted the annoyance.

Yesterday we were talking with a friend about natural remedies. I was suprised that she did not google it for herself, since all I did was to google her symptoms and tell her what was written on the search results. But then I realized that saying “google it” to someone else may mean a completely different thing. Then my fictional mind took me over to an exciting journey..

I don’t know if it is quite the case right now, but what if google adapted the results according to my interests, previous results etc. It would be quite invasive right? But also it would mean that My google would evolve and accumulate knowledge about stuff I am interested in and her first search results would reflect her interests. Me being a “search for a natural remedy every chance you get” person, my results would be more curated towards that direction.

Since the term “google it” had made it to the dictionary, I had a feeling that the value of personal accumulation was degrading. But with this possible future, where people’s interests may shape their online accumulation of knowledge, we may actually see an increase in personal interactions again. So let’s say I were to search for something specific in the dance field, I would not try to google it by myself and instead ask a dancer friend. Cause even if she has no clue, her google would know better than mine! So why shouldn’t I just contact her and save myself the hassle of digging deep in the google well?

That’s that.. Just some random thought drops that I had while preparing the breakfast..


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