Spiritual talk show -I-

waterfallInspired by the usual chats between pinkwaterfall and purpleunicorn…

– What is the route to not taking it all so seriously? Not getting caught up by the speed, not drowning in expectations or get lost while comparing yourself to the performance of others?

– I’ll give you a secret, but you must never tell anyone. It has been told between the friend support circles for years: You can not reach the hill if you are looking at the hill. One must just look straight ahead, or look around. Remember the breath, just one pedal at a time. Forget the hill, just focus on pedaling. You would never know you would be where you are now, 5 years ago. Why worry about the future? Or others?

– And what about the unvocalized fears? “What if they think my design is stupid? What if they think I AM stupid? What if they don’t even get it?” What should one do with them? Where to put them?

– There are many places to put them.. The best one may be to shove them back to where they came from, IF anyone says something, they can shove it up their mouths(!). Today is the day of labour! You are creating! You are a part of the creation! If you one day have a child, will you not like him if he turns out to be ugly? Is there a chance for you to know what will come out of it when you are making love with the man you love?

– Hahaha, these are awesome points, we should start a spiritual talk show!

-Hahaha, so we shall :))

Note: “What? You are not using my real name? I will never be famous!! :))”


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