Focus, Creativity and Nail Polish

I am in the midst of report writing process for my degree project and it is not always easy to block the distractions. I had found Zen Habits and Zen Pencils extremely rewarding to help me keep my motivation up, so I decided to blog about my favorite creativity / focus boosting posts from these two websites.

The latest post in Zen Habits was titled “How I Tackle a Big Writing Project“, and our paths crossed a few days ago just when I was procrastinating from my report and looking for inspiration. It talks about letting go, focusing, chunking down and creating a distraction free environment. Kept me thinking about the balance between focus and letting go. I still don’t feel I fully comprehend it, but I am thinking about digging deep in his book, Focus, during the summer.

Today, once again I was feeling drained, so I turned my attention to Zen Pencils and stumbled upon (after going through dozens of comics of course!) “Make Gifts for People“. Very touching and very inspiring. Made me just want to produce, create, dedicate and gift! Hence the blog post…

Ok, what about the nail polish? A couple of weeks ago, when telling a newly met friend about my adventures on becoming a designer, I realized the nail polish somehow was a recurring little theme (the story may pop up in another post) so I decided to color up my nails for happy writing experience and enjoy the clicking of the keys while my “gift” is created in the form of a very academic report :))


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