2014, imperfection and new intentions

Many many days trying to find the perfect blog name to start yet another blog, believing a new blog is the same as a new beginning. Trying to hide from the existing readers, opening up a new chapter, being the “ideal” blogger I always aspired to be..

I give up! :) As of 2014 I will continue with this lovely blog, sometimes posting in Turkish, sometimes English; sometimes dealing with serious topics, other times just typing in my daily reflections. The anticipation of creating the perfect blog, talking about design, yoga, entrepreneurship, sustainability in a coherent manner has been blocking my path to write anything at all!

So, here are a few of my intentions for 2014:
Keep a journal, may be in a blog form, digital form or pen paper.
Keep a gratitude journal, write down in the gratitude notebook 5 things every morning.
Morning yoga, 20 minutes every day, just listening to myself, rolling around on the mat if that’s what that day calls.
Degree project, embrace the “Slow”, use your intuition as a designer, find your path.
Meditation, 10 minutes every morning. Join a Vipasana group if possible.

And many more to come :) But let’s start with small steps.. “Hi there imperfection! Let’s be friends on 2014”! :)

As a new year gift to myself (and to you all), this has been one of the most inspiring talks of my late 2013 and early 2014. Hope never to forget the power of vulnerability:

Brene Brown on Vulnerability


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