Deal with it!

Deal with itWe are currently working in a project about “investigating perceived quality in future automotive interiors”. The project in a way forces me to look in the face of  the industries I highly dislike and ways of life that I judge to be too consumeristic (judgement is another important topic which hopefully will be addressed in another post). Our assignment in the project is to create playful and entertaining experiences by adding value for people that use expensive cars.

You may see where I am getting with this if you know me a bit. I had to stick the post it you see up at the beginning of the post. It is not easy for me to wrap my mind around the project especially after spending a year stepping away from industrialization, ownership and objects as status symbols (Living in the gift & share economy, circles and occupy movements).

If you break it down, there are so many industrialized shit that I am involved in the daily life (take food to begin with) that it would be hypocritical of me to say “the car industry is evil”. Also I can’t deny the fact that I spent amazing days during road trips with friends the past summer and that I actually enjoy the in-car experience.

Of course we are not always required to be serious and to “save the world”. What is saving the world anyway? What makes a health related project more important than a fun related project? Isn’t our health strongly related to the amount of joy we get from life? Why is “making people happier” is a less trivial topic? Still, I find it difficult to put aside all the environmental and egoistical aspects and focus on the barely the fun aspect.

So, I’m just in the middle of it all; the “evil” industries,  “rich and unaware” people,  car as “environment’s enemy”. Then there is the “joy” of driving, the memories of the “roadtrips”, the “design for fun” and making people’s life more entertaining and happier. I’m highly confused, pretty curious and somewhat enjoying the ripples that are caused by these stones. I can feel the resistance growing in me but I am trying to be open and embrace the experience, cause you know what they say; What you resist, persists.

This post might have been a bit up in the air, since my mind is sending me mixed signals about this whole thing. One second I love the project, the other second I ask myself “what am I doing exactly with this car business”. Upcoming post should be called “perception, judgement and guilt – way to the split personality” :)

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