My day without water

I got up in the morning and as a part of the daily routine I visited the bathroom, I flushed, and I attempted to wash my face. That was when I realized I had used my one and only chance to flush, since there was no water coming from the faucet. From then on, my day took a weird twist. I used the only wet wipe left to “wash” my hands, and started hunting around the house for “stale” drinking water left in bottles or glasses and such. I found one bottle that made a sound as if I opened a coke bottle, so I decided it would not be such a waste if I used it to wash my face.

But the sad thing was, I was looking forward to take a shower today, and that road was blocked. So I checked online, without luck, to see if we’ll get water during the day and the website informed me “na-ah”. Ok. Now what? All of a sudden I felt so incapable. I of course knew the importance of water “theoretically” but it has been long time since I practiced it. And growing up in building complex, we usually had water coming in from the common tank during the time of shortages, so I never actually had to live without water before.

As a result I did some things that I normally don’t do in an ordinary day. I went around the house again and collected all the cups and glasses that were half filled with tea or coffee (since I was planning to do the dishes today, I had a bunch waiting for me on the counter) and poured them into a bucket which I used after  my only toilet visit. (it didn’t turn out half bad)

Also for personal hygiene, I used my usual inventory; baking soda, apple cider and lavender oil with one addition: Cocoa. Since taking a shower was out of the question, and my hair desperately needed to be cleaned up, I used cacao on the roots (i have dark hair) to suck the oil a bit and lessen the itch. And it totally worked! I just took a bit of powder and applied it with my fingertips. I then set the hair dryer to the lowest temp and blow dried my (already dry) hair while shaking it vigorously. Now it feels so much lighter and not itchy at all! Though, I do smell like chocolate cake! Which can be considered as an added bonus :)

I used the baking soda to clean my face and a bit of apple cider on a piece of cotton to moisturize, and my skin feels pretty happy too. If you have too dry or sensitive skin, try adding a bit of cornstarch to baking soda, it will ease the roughness. As for the rest of my body, I again used the baking soda (under the arms) and a bit of lavender oil (as a perfume) and voila! I’m good as new.. Well, almost :)

Even though I didn’t ask for this, it was in a way interesting to see that I could actually use less water in my life. So, I challenge you to go waterless for a day :) See if you would notice any unnecessary use of water in your routine, and if you decide to take the challenge, please let me know how it turned out.

Also, you can check 100 ways to save water, one drop at a time. Now I’ll get dressed and go out to use the bathroom if you’ll excuse me ;)


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