Detox and snow

IMG_1824A couple of weeks ago, me and my work partner got a mail from Hungry for Change (the newsletter for Food Matters the movie), about a 3 day detox for the weekend to kickstart 2013. We decided to start on Monday, since weekends are for fun and not some green mush ;) We bought a lot of green stuff, lemons, almonds and for the whole Monday it felt like we only prepared our meals – Check the actual recipes here.

Dinner for 2 for 3 days: Veggie soup with kale, celery, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes and spices.. plus cardamom and bay leaves, added to the recipe by us, which made us detest cardamom, since it overtook all the other tastes. Not bad at first, but by the third day we just shoved it down our throats :)Lunch and snacks: Green salad with carrots, sprouts, cucumber – all grated and roughly cut carrot and cucumber as snack. Not bad, though too wet for me.
Breakfast: As soon as you get up, half lemon’s juice with a big glass of water. A bit later, kale, celery, parsley, pear, cucumber, lemon. Amazing! Seriously, the best thing out of this detox, I’m still doing the lemon-water, and whenever I can I do the green smoothie. It’s a bit difficult without a juicer, but a blender or even food processes and a cheesecloth does the trick too.
Desert: Of course we had desert! :) Warm almond milk with cinnamon (since we couldn’t find chai seeds). Almond milk is also something I want to have more of, just put the almonds in water at night and in the morning blend them with water and strain through a cheesecloth-you can even use the pulp for cookies. It has a pretty nice taste, though next time I would do it with less water for a creamier texture.

And during those three days, we also had cute snowflakes accompanying us. As if the nature approved our detox and covered everything with white, until we rested and rejuvenated.

Effects: Felt quite tired by the third day, and due to the lack of oils (really important for my digestive system) my digestion was not “detoxified”. My skin was peeling like crazy, even just by standing under warm/hot water, I could scrub myself pretty easily. Emotionally, I also got my “unholy” feelings coming to surface, that gave me a nice opportunity to observe and put light to some of (the many of) my shadows.

I do enjoy the seasonal detox, though the next thing for me to try a more balanced diet tailored for my own needs with detoxifying food, but not completely cutting off. The lesson for me is “balance” now…

Namaste :)


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