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When I enrolled to 15 days trial for YogaGlo I forgot that I entered my card details so I accidentally paid for January. Deciding to take advantage of this miscalculation and welcome Yoga back into my life, I created a weekly morning class schedule and joined a SocialWorkout challenge.

I had a lot of excuses not to do yoga, “I don’t have my mat”, “I’m living on a couch”, “I have irregular sleep patterns” etc. I think I was just in the vortex of self pity, the oh-i-am-so-ungrounded-since-i-don’t-even-have-a-room. Silly me… Being a nomad for a couple of months is not a the worst life experience! This post helped me see my life in a different light (I know, now I am like a advertisement board with all the links and all, but I like to credit the websites that help me on my journey).

I also created an inspiration folder with lovely photos from Wari Om, Yoga in San Francisco, and put them on my desktop so that I can see them everytime I have a break..Yoga in SanFran

Another yogic happening in life is that my lovely friend Tubik is now starting her yoga classes in our neighborhood, which gives me an opportunity to practice Mudita; a feeling of delight at the good work done by another. There were times I felt a tiny sorrow like, “Wow, look at her, all so strong and gracefully bringing everyone together around her practice”. And even though it followed a deep joy of her actually bringing her dreams to life, it was weird to feel that way.

So I consulted the google almighty and found a blog post with the subject “Who would be jealous of a flower“. Let me rephrase some of the things that fit me very well: “Being jealous of someone else is just like being jealous of a flower cause it’s flowering. If I catch myself looking at an accomplishment of a friend with envious eye, just cause Tubik is ‘tubiking”, it shows me that I need to do something more with myself and simply need to do more ‘dharmaing’.”

Namaste my friend, and may sun shine on your path filled with flowers and may you never doubt how beautifully tubiking you are.. and so funny that my favorite photo in the folder is actually the apex of her class..


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