Winter solstice…

… and the end of the world as we know it?

Well, there was no big badaboom (which was a tiny bit disappointing, at least there could have been something that was extraordinary) but that doesn’t mean nothing has changed. I believe the power of change is within us, but that’s a subject for another post. Even though there was no apocalipse, I was cautious so I stayed home yesterday night with my mom, and enjoyed a home cozy (hemmamys in Swedish :))

In the morning, I woke up to my alarm, though tuck my head under the blanket and enjoyed the warmth until I hear mom getting ready to leave.  I crawled out of the bed to find out it was snowing, and opened my curtains to a white blanket, a lovely weather for winter solstice!So, I rolled out my mat, opened a nice morning vinyasa from YogaGlo (uu, another post topic emerges) and a nice meditation for “being instead of doing”.

winter solstice

The rest of the day rolled by, and close to midnight we decided it was time for our winter solstice celebration, since we were still alive and the world was intact. We lit 3 candles, one big white in the middle and a burgundy and purple by the sides, as a blessing to light. We also burnt sage, cloves, bay leave and a pinch of salt to cleanse the house and walked around to hug the darkness goodbye and welcome the light in. Then, we went out and broke a pomegranate in front of the house for abundance, and of course ate it all. As the last part of the rituel, we did a tiny breath exercise that ended with our intentions, blew out the candles, hugged each other and danced.

I think this was the best winter solstice I’ve ever had :)


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