14 days of satya

Satya is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates into English as truth, honesty. It is the use of words and the mind for the welfare of others and to be truthful to your core self.

Love, Wisdom, Peace... Our crystals

For the next 14 days (until new years that is) I will try my best not to lie, at all. No small pink lies, no “i’m on my way”s while getting dressed and no half truth’s..

For the record, I am not a person that tells lies, but those small “I’ll be there in 2 minutes” things and the “there was traffic” excuses count as lies in this challenge. This is just to see how open I can be. Let’s see if I will be able to make it or those cute little lie creatures will lure me to jump on their backs. And let’s see if this is going to make or break my relationships.

I once tried this and all the people I thought would be pissed at me for being late, actually didn’t mind.And somehow the more truthful you get, the more universe gets on your side :)

“Satya brings whatever is willed: For one who increasingly practices honesty or truthfulness in actions, speech, and thoughts, his or her will is naturally fulfilled.”

There is only one exception: “If by speaking the truth, another is hurt it ceases to be truth and becomes himsa [harming]”. It will be challenging to balance this from time to time but I’ll give it a try.

This is just the beginning. Wanna join me?




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