Walking the walk…

So many things are piled up to be written down. Starting is the most difficult thing for me as you know, so I’ll start small and off topic:

I promise never (such a strong word! let’s say i’ll try) to judge anyone about their addictions again. I used to push my mom to quit smoking, tell people to drink water instead of coffee in the morning and believed (well I still believe) that you can give up anything if you really want.

Yeah, but the “really want” part is the tricky one. My personalities all wants different things. Let’s take my sugar-free commitment (which has gone downhill for the past 3 days); my luxurious self wants all the chocolate, my kid self wants all the “gofret”, my smart self wants my other selves to shut up, my green self wants to start up a garden and eat fruits from there, and me, standing in the middle, being pulled to all different sides.

So, one more lesson learned.. Walking the walk is the only way to understand what an experience actually is. And even then, it’s only through my eyes, so how can I tell someone what they do is wrong when I know I never will live their experience of life. (Though I know this wisdom will also fade, but feel free to remind me :))


One thought on “Walking the walk…

  1. You’ve made me so very happy, I’m so glad you came into my life:))))))))
    I quit smoking since I did it your way (I thought that I really want to quit) so I didnt need any help except my brain:) X X X X X

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