Lesson 2 – Transparency

Last week a friend of mine that I highly respect, wrote me about how his friends told him that other websites like Library of Stuff existed and how he thought we were authentic and felt ‘deceived’ (may not be the exact words). Even though my first reaction was to get upset over how he thought I would intentionally hide something, I realized that it was a matter of misunderstanding.

Upon talking to him, and after the Design Biennial I visited, I decided that the most important thing for me when starting this business was to be transparent and open. So I would like to make some things clear, in case there are foggy minds.

The idea was born in Umea, to be left in the corner and not investigated further. When I decided to present it on SW Istanbul, I didn’t know that other projects existed, though during the weekend we found out similar websites do exist (some free, some paid), which was happy news, showed us the sharing culture had potential to grow.

So, why did we decide to go on with the project? First of all our starting point was to revive this culture in Turkey, the place we live and know the culture the most. Secondly, none of the existing websites we discovered gave us a “that’s it!” feeling, and were not reaching out to enough people.

That’s why we are still pursuing our dream of making Library of Stuff alive, to create a better experience, to start with our own culture and to make more people join to the movement. In the biennial I learnt a quote, “Architecture is too serious to be left to architects” and it hit me! A social project is too serious to be left to entrepreneurs :) It will not just be me using this platform, it will be you, me, us, everyone! So, now we are looking into creating a open source system to create this service, there will be more to come about this, since I am also in the learning process in this whole thing! You can check out the similar websites (links below), and if you would like to, give me feedback on how you would like to experience a sharing platform.

The main goal here for me is to make a platform that works, that has a critical mass and that would spread the sharing culture, may it be Library of Stuff or not. (Though I like doing this thing, so I would be so happy if it would be L.o.S)

Thank you all for your supports and  making me reflect back on what I really want.

Attachment: Similar websites that we found.


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