Taking life as it comes-1-

Life is full of surprises! It has not been such a long time since my last post, but my life took a quite unexpected turn! Let me tell you a bit about it..

I was in Canada, visiting my baby niece during September and October, and me and my mom took a plane back to Turkey on October 29th (which by the way is the Turkish Republic Day). When we arrived to Munich, we were told by Lufthansa that the plane was overbooked, so they offered us a business seat in a later plane, and some reimbursement. Yay! Free food, free time to walk around the duty free and free money! Sure thing! :) So we slept in the business lounge, next to neatly suited people, bought interesting drinks and filled our bellies with lounge food, completely jet lagged and unaware of time. In the plane, we ate again and we chat and we drank sparkling wine, until we got pretty dizzy and sleepy. It was quite a fun experience, or “the best airport experience” in mom’s words.

Lufthansa business class.. Yummy

The next day, while I was still recovering from jet lag, a lovely friend of mine (Tubik) asked me 20 times if I was going to the Seane Corn-Sienna Sherman weekend, and harassed me until I call and ask if they had space. This weekend also had a special meaning to me, Guhiko, the person that opened my way to go to teachers training, was the person that introduced me with Seane Corn and made me see that dealing with our shadows is not as bad as it seems. And Sienna Sherman was one of the rare yoga instructors that I knew of through her classes in Yoga Journal, and I truly wished one day to join a class of hers. They were both “idols”, if you could say that in a yogic way :)

Seane Corn and Sienna Sherman in front of the beautiful art by Mercan Dede, Seane is passionately filling our vessels with dedication and love!

Since I got the reimbursement money (easy come, easy go), I decided to join the workshop and hopped on a bus to Istanbul, a day after I landed to Ankara. During those 3 days I felt like my mind, my body and my heart just joined forces! I decided to be a dedicated yoga teacher, and was sure that I had finally found my path. All the things Seane and Sienna told and all the sweaty yoga we did, made me stop the struggle inside me and just be in the moment, which is rare in my case. (as can be seen from my blog name: citta vritti: fluctuations/blabbering of the mind in sanskrit)

With time, I will share more quotes and life lessons from those days, but for now please see the next post for where my life is headed now! :)


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