Listening for the sake of listening

Video vs text

Even though I find myself a quite visual oriented person, I prefer to read about something over watching a video about it (unless it’s a practical skill, that needs to be seen, though, mostly photos can take that role too :)). During a video, I feel trapped in the pace,  timeline and priorities of the person presenting the video, whereas reading gives me a the opportunity to choose whether I want to read the conclusion first, skip a few things, skim through it or digesting it word by word; in other words, I feel free.


This applies in other parts of my life too.. You know the moment that you think “cut to the chase!” when someone is telling a story? Well, I think I have way too many of those moments, so I am lately trying to not be so goal oriented but also just listen for the sake of listening. Listening actively, makes me more of a “reader” than a “spectator”, helping me to be more patient, to understand the person more, and to understand myself more also.. Thus freeing the person from my judgements and myself from thinking “when is this gonna end”(cruel but true :)).
This is a time that I let myself just type, so it’s possible that you may not always find a connection between things I write.. If you do, I’m glad, and if not, hope you enjoy the different bits of information that I pour here :)





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