Life happens

Yesterday was not a particularly happy day for whatever reason. I walked around like a zombie and made conversations difficult with drained-of-life-comments. Then I looked for my hairband in the mess of clothes i made in one morning and of course couldn’t find it. So I grabbed my thin purple scarf and wrapped it around my head. (*) Still, it wasn’t a particularly happy day, but I went to bathroom to see myself, with the purple scarf that my lovely yoga teacher gifted me, on my head, my dreads going crazy in different directions, and a smile began to form. My hair is a mess, my dreads are not what i expected them to be and they are definitely not perfect but i love them! And i might have eaten a whole bag of skittles, my life is not perfect and constantly things are happening out of my control, in a way that i don’t expect them to be.. But i love myself and I love my life..

And it may be silly that I need my dreads to remind me of that but i’m glad that they do!

((*)) I started writing this post 2 times before (which would make this my third attempt! yay for simple math!), first: yesterday, just before going to bed, I wrote a post that made me happy, satisfied and proud.. And the internet ate it :) I became sad and frustrated and thought of all the silly things about if it was a message from the universe about not writing this. Then in the morning I felt a bit better and started to write “Yesterday was not a particularly happy day…” well, guess what? Today isn’t either! So I walked around with confusion and hatred on my face for two hours, and now I’m finally pulling myself together after cleaning around a bit (always helps :)).

It was easier to write just silly things, sentences that don’t finish, paragraphs that doesn’t make sense after each other when I was on my own here.. So I will continue pretending that I am on my own and if you somehow stumbled upon this post, just hide somewhere there and don’t let me see you :P



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