The first step is the toughest

the moment before the first stepI have been thinking again to come back to this blogging business. And guess what is stopping me? THE NAME!! Yes, since I have a public blog with a complicated name and “private” blog is a bit shy under the sunlight, I have been trying to find (for over a year now) a blog name that would be “perct!” and “reflect me simply but amazingly”. Oddly enough (!) that name never popped into my mind and I am getting a bit restless about it. So, as of now, I’m just writing here..

This is not a one time thing, during these past few years, I came to realize that starting is THE MOST difficult part for me! My creativity is at its peak when it comes to finding excuses not to start something. But also in these years, I discovered some ways to deal with it;

  • Reading/listening to/watching encouraging and inspiring material that remind me of who I am and that I am not the only one feeling like this
  • Opening my vulnerability: Reaching for help, telling friends what doesn’t work and why, so they can show me how it can work from their own perspective
  • Starting something else: The developed resistance of starting the planned task becomes so overwhelming, I start thinking “OK, this will never work, and even if it does, I am too late anyway” and the resistance continues growing. But if I put that task aside and just START with something else, that feeling of overcoming the first step starts growing in me so the barriers in front of the planned task also fall down one by one.
  • Fake it till you make it: I act AS IF, I really want to start that, or AS IF I am someone that I know is pretty good at starting things. As I get myself into the role, the complaining voice in my head is not mine anymore, so I am free to just start! (from the author of “how i forced myself into split personality” :P)
  • Trick your mind, start doing something else, and when the mind is relaxed and dosed off, suddenly start the task! This is how I started writing this post!

Care to share your insights on this? Go ahead and just start :)


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