Project Portfolio

So, here I am, trying to make a portfolio for my IxD career as a start, ending up writing this post. I started ID in 2010, and made a portfolio of 6 projects once during my 1 year study. Now, I’m at that point of my life again, where I want to have a medium to show my work.

As I dig deeper into this, I found myself questioning how should a IxD portfolio be. Most of the references I have are portfolios of product designers and some graphic designers. But all those guys are producing visuals, may it be in physical or digital form. What about interaction design? Is showcasing really the best way to present your work?

What IxDers create during their projects is not confined with the visuals but also includes the system, experience, psychology and the story, even maybe stronger than the visual element.

I am now investigating on this question, and me preparing my portfolio is becoming into a project of its own. What do I want to convey with my portfolio? How do I want to tell the story? What if there is a better way to engage than using thumbnails of all the projects, that actually don’t tell anything at a first glance? How can I give a clear overview and a detailed desciption at the same time?

More to come as Project Portfolio continues!… (da da da da! dramatic sound!)


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