after a long break

understanding what you do and what you want and what you are good at is the most important things to keep yourself sane and happy.. combined with some other stuff too of course.. but for the simplicity sake i will just keep it like this for now..

what do you do? if you can’t explain what you do to your grandmother, you don’t so much know it maybe.. how can you make it simple, take away the fuffy puffyness and communicate? do YOU actually know what you do? going under a title and doing stuff does not necessarily mean that you are doing what the title suggested.. so pause and think about what you actually do..

what do you want to do? this is even tougher. you don’t have to have 10 year plans or 100% decisions, just an idea is even enough, but have it and get it out to a permanent medium, write, sketch, sculpt, cut pictures, take pictures, make clay figures but make a reminder for yourself. And check yourself regularly to see if you are doing what you want (can even be indirectly, if what you do now is a step to what you want and you realize it, then it’s still ok :))

what you are good at? look inside you, find the things you enjoy doing. they may never been named before, you may not find them in other people’s portfolios, or cvs.. find your existing passions and let them out to see the sun.. nourish them since they will help you on the way to find what you want..

cheers from a scatter brained post..


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