Yoga intro

You may be different in what you are compard to last month, last week, even an hour ago. Respect and honor yourself in this. Remember you have different needs each time and listen to yourself.

Yoga is not a on size fits all practice. There are different disciplines and even in the same discipline there are different methods and different teachers. I would suggest you to try to find one that suits you the best. Since I can’t offer you different teachers are practices here, you are stuck with me ;) Anytime you feel what i share does not fit you, listen to yourself and your body, try to find the moment that you are still.

Any feedback is good feedback, let me know if you have suggestions or happy flows. I will gladly listen to them all, though not necessarily do all the things different people suggest ;)

If you feel discomfort or pain, get out of the pose slowly, and let me know.

The injuries happen mostly while you enter a pose or exit a pose, be mindful about that.

Breathe! I can’t emphasize this enough! There may be times where you pant like a pig, but even at that times, be aware of your breath. It will carry you through your challenging times in yoga.

Enjoy! Yoga is sacred but laughter and joy is valued! Lighten your heart!

Spread your toes and your fingers :)


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