Catching up

It’s been some time since the last post (hehe, i became this awesome blogger that refers to 2 days as “some time ;))
On friday we created our exhibition and people actually really enjoyed it. What I liked about the whole thing is it actually created the action we wanted all the way! People went out, discovered the tanglement which was called later “stretching”, they did not know what it was but that didnt stop them from benefiting the fresh air and enjoying the flow. That was quite good about the game, it had flow, it grew and shrinked and got faster and slower, people came in and went out and it just continued until it was slowly abandoned..

The way to this design, even sometimes more complicated than it ought to be, was a very interesting way to discover for me. I learnt that form and design was not something that had to be on paper (or foam, or clay for that matter). I realized I have an eye memory that records my movements and creates forms out of them. It was a happy moment, since I thought me and form had our ways seperated, but it wasn’t the case as proved ;)

All in all, the course was good and beneficial. I think it could have also been interesting if I had a project of my own to be able to show on the portfolio, but as a learning experience, you always learn more in a group anyways!

That is all for Friday! As for Saturday it was a day of house things at the beginning. We went to Ica MAxi with D to do our big weekly shopping. I find it quite nice to go out by bike and do a frugal shopping, though I’m not so much fond of the way back ;) We filled out fridge like crazy, and we have a full pantry, so if there is a disaster, we are well prepared :) I also made a list of the pantry, tried to create a menu suggestions list on the fridge so we remember what we have fresh and what we can combine it with etc. It’s such a fun thing to have your own place and experiment around your life!

At night, Joyce invited us for a girls night in so I made “irmik helvasi” (Turkish semolina desert) and she had crackers, cheese and wine. We were four and talked about a loot of things! We tried to stay off-design, but at the end we came back to it and eventually to the classmates. I am not so comfortable when people are talking about other people around me, I don’t know why but I feel like escaping! Though I always stay and be reasonable, trying to help, which in turn helps me..

For tomorrow my plans are to put down a list of possible internship places, put up wordpress to my website, clean the house (roughly), make a yoga poster and read about our upcoming project :)

I will try to meditate also, since the talks accumulated in me and I don’t enjoy the feeling :) Wish me luck!


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