I have been doing yoga every morning or night in a nice and regular way for the past 3 weeks.. But there two days i just have the urge to do small things, sun salutations and rests.. I know it will come back to me, so i am waiting with patience.. As a lovely teacher told me once and many others added; “yoga way is the love way, there is no point doing it without love, listen to your body, even if it tells you to lay down on the mat and roll around, than that is your yoga for the day”
:) I love it, the calmness, the breath catching, the sweating, the sinking, the way it makes me listen how childish my mind can be.. I love yoga

PS: Yoga is something i found devotion in, that i never found (or too occupied to realize) during other practices in my life.. That being said, I crave basketball like crazy lately! :)))


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