Today, we tried to define our design choreography.. It had backs and forths, unagreed center points and motives but we gave things a shot, tried different ideas and came up with something interesting.. at least for the students :)
I like listening how people talk as much as what they say.. And I really like transparent people.. Luckily we have a group of that kind of people :) I am learning to lower my judgement and embrace people because they always surprise me in the best way! We have 3 staff that are somehow older than us (hehe) and I am amazed by the way their minds are so open and embracing!! I wish to be like that in the future!!

Since now we are preparing something for outdoors, we had to go in and out a lot and also we kind of built stuff, which at the end made me feel really tired as if i had an all nighter :)

Today’s resolutions:
From Shelagh: It is important to know when to stop (talking)
It is amazing that people express opinions
When things seem to get stuck, get your ass up and get hands on
Tapio: Everyone may have different ideas, you don’t have to agree but you need to understand
Just walk the walk and rest comes
When people seem to be lost, it’s ok to get the control, even if just starting by doing stuff on your own



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