And life goes on

Yesterday when the water slowed down and my mind got happier, I just looked back at the hours I spend being miserable and thought, oh I’m so stupid, it was such a waste of time.. And it’s so easy to think like that once you step out of it but that’s the way it is.. Then I made an anology “You can’t come home without passing svingen”, well svingen is this bike bridge between home and school, that is a bit steep and a bit long (especially after a hard day) but you can’t get to the quite and peaceful place of yours without climbing up and challenging and maybe even swearing a bit :)

That i realized now and again embracing and living through whatever you live through is the best you can do :) So I sent a mail to Sietske and asked her advice and feedback, she was so kind to reply in a sweet and encouraging way so we decided to meet for lunch (which Anna, from architecture school joined in too later). We talked about self consciousness and voices in the head. We talked about farms, horses and internships. We ate, laughed and had a good time. And it was worth stepping out of my confort zone once again to discover something new.

As a group, today we tried to decide on what we will present on Friday. creating a choreography.. Our starting point was the going in and out exercise that we did the other day and how we can create a motive for people to go out to have a bit of air through movement. We are still thinking and experimenting, and tomorrow we will define it better to start building it. I am enjoying the process as we are thinking stuff in a bigger picture and also enjoying the hands on experiments.

Oh, one more think she mentioned was also how sometimes stepping out of the thinking boundary and just doing anything, even if it was shitty, to start trying was the best way to get out of “oh god! this is shit!” state of mind.

Then later in the evening, Dori came and we ate soup, chat a lot then watch 2 episodes of Switched at birth. After she left we sat down with D to watch a ted talk about how positive thinking makes you be more succesful and happy :)
Was a fun night :)
PS: Using tweeter instead of fb reduced my time spend silly surfing but actually made me discover quite nice interesting articles and links :) is tweeter elite version of fb where you can connect and get educated at the same time?


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