Prototyping the future

This week is a week in UID for exploring the different possibilities and aspects in design. All the staff members and students are free to coose from 12 different courses with external tutors to either change their perspective or deepen their knowledge about design/art/architecture or life in general.

The course i am attending to is called Design Choreography, with Sietske Klooster from Netherlands. She graduated from id engineering and combined her other passion in life; dance, with design.

Today we explored our bodies as tools and did some exercises both solo and with a group. One of the exercised was to create dynamic limbs with a group and make/solve puzzles with your body exploring spaces and movements (sounds highly abstract doesn’t it? :))

For tomorrow we are expected to take a picture or explain a movement in our daily lives that relates with a product. For my surprise, after walking around and doing regular chores in the house, i still think that my relationship with my yoga mat is the most cherished movements for me. Let’s hope that it will overlap with what Sietske’s vision.

And also, D is taking Infographics course and since he had joined the course later, he missed out on some stuff, which made him a bit frustrated, but I believe he will still do very good stuff out of it!


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