After getting some family consultancy, talking with my D and some friends, I am so much better.. I am still trying to realise my rythm of these things, because i know that if i don’t pass through these stages, i can’t take the next step and be where i am right now.. so my goal is to always remember that i am what i am and it is perfect the way it is :)) everything has its time and everyone has different priorities and success is relative! :)

I might have cried, fell asleep, eat chocolate and questioned about my talent, my way, if i am suitable to be a designer, be a yoga teacher.. I just know i need to be completely honest with myself and my surroundings.. I need to take away my showcase face and care only about what i feel and experience.. If i am a baby yoga teacher, than i am that.. If i have questions and confidence problem, than yeah, that’s me! But also when i am happy and joyful with a bright smile that lights up people’s days,, that’s me too! Or a really good cook, a patient yoga student, a caring lover, a listening friend, a creative spirit.. These are all me :) I am me, and i am so happy to be!!

Love and light


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