Startin up again

I guess.. :)

Realised i forgot to blog, keep a diary, just write things somewhere.. It feels like I have been in this huge ball, trying to keep my balance as it rolls through life and I am getting tired of it. I am missing a lot of things I liked to do just to keep up with others.. Doesn’t it sound a bit wrong, a bit off?

Well, for me it does, so I am starting up again.. In English, in this tiny private blog.. I know it will show me the way to return to my old blog again, or maybe create a new one merging everything in..  I spend a lot of time online, doing silly things, checking facebook, checking my mail for 100 times, hoping for someone to say something so that I will have an opportunity to chat.. No more :) I decided to be my chat friend..

Now I will create a folder named facebook, download photos everyday so bit by bit I will cut the ties that make me “facebooky”

Wish me luck my muse!


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